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Suboxone Treatment Program in Charleston

    Massage Therapy

    Allison is a Licensed Massage and Energy Therapist who has been in practice in the Lowcountry for over 17 years. She utilizes a number of advanced massage techniques to guide the body into states of deep relaxation, where the most profound healing occurs. In these states, the entire body is able to relax and let go of stored, unprocessed physical and emotional pain, even if it’s decades old. Her bodywork offers natural pain relief for the following, to name a few: facial/jaw pain, headaches, neck (cervical) pain and tension, and lumbar/sciatica. Allison also utilizes a combination of therapeutic touch, energy work, meditation, and regression techniques to facilitate emotional healing from anxiety, depression, extreme emotional sensitivity, addiction, and trauma. She owns and operates The Body Temple, a deep healing practice located inside Barrier Islands Psychiatry. To schedule your Initial Consultation, you can visit her web site www.thebodytemple.us